How to perfectly clean your glass vases

In order to help your cut flowers fresh, it’s important that your vase is perfectly clean. This is why it is good to clean your vases before and after use. In addition, it’s a good idea to wash your vase every few days whenever you replace your vase water.

Mix half a tablespoon of salt with just enough vinegar to make a paste. Now rub this paste all over the interior of the vase and allow to rest for about 10 minutes. You can then wipe and rinse your vase for the perfect final result! The best part about this cleaning method is that you don’t need harsh chemicals and these are two ingredients that you should already have in your kitchen!

If you have a small vase or one with a particularly odd shape and you cannot easily slide a sponge inside to wipe the interior clean, you can use hot water and alka seltzer tablets. Just two of these tablets with hot water will do the trick. Remember, however, that glass should not be placed directly in hot water or it could crack. Slowly heat the vase until the water you are using reaches boiling temperature. Then add the tablets and let them get to work.

Finally, another great cleaning mixture is vinegar and baking soda. This mixture will fizz so make sure you do your vase cleaning in the sink to be safe! Add the baking soda and then some vinegar. Watch and enjoy your homemade volcano get to work on cleaning that vase!

Remember, you should also rinse your vase thoroughly after cleaning and allow to dry completely before storing. Whenever using a vase, remember to inspect it for dirt and damage to ensure that your flowers enjoy the best environment to keep them fresher for longer!