The perfect Valentine’s Day bath

When pampering your partner or spouse on Valentine’s Day, there are a number of inexpensive gestures that you can make to create the ultimate romantic atmosphere. A luxurious and relaxing bath is one of these very gestures that helps set the tone for the rest of the evening. Here’s how to plan and set everything up just right.


Chill some bubbly in the fridge or freezer while your Valentine is out or at work. Get a glass ready while you’re at it. Chilled bubbly is always better than a glass served at room temperature.


Place some candles around the bath tub and make sure that you have matches or a lighter to light them. You do not have to light them right away but you do need to be ready to light them quickly just before your Valentine comes home.


The sense of smell is the most powerful of all. Fill the room with some sweet scents. You can do this with the use of essential oils. One way is to burn the oils in a special burner or you could use another infuser. Either way, you want to make sure that the bathroom is filled with a lovely scent.


You can place some flowers in a small vase in the bathroom and you can also use rose petals to create a pathway from the door to the bathroom. You might want to sprinkle the petals as late as possible so that you don’t step all over them.

Bath and body products

Set out some bath and body products along with a comfortable robe and some slippers. The body products you set out should match the scent you include in the bath. The best way of achieving this is by purchasing a pamper hamper that includes a selection of bath and body products from the same line and with the same scent.

Hot water and final touches

This is a the trickiest part. You will need to figure out when your partner will arrive home. If they usually arrive at a specific time each day, you can prepare quite easily. If they arrive at a different time each day, you might be able to have one of their co-workers let you know as soon as they leave work. Run the water in the bath and add some bath salts, oils, or whatever your partner prefers. Sprinkle some rose petals on top and light those candles. Pour a glass of bubbly and set it beside the tub. Put on some relaxing music and wait for your Valentine to come home to enjoy their surprise!