Orchid colour meanings explained

You may already know that there are different meanings associated with different flowers. These meanings are determined by the type of flower as well as the colour. If you don’t know what type of orchids you should send for a particular occasion, here are some orchid colour meanings to help you make that choice.

Purple Orchids

There are many different types of orchids available in purple. As one of the most popular orchid colour, it’s worth noting that it symbolises dignity and royalty. These orchids demonstrates respect and admiration. If you want to impress your boss or an older relative, this potted plant will certainly do the trick.

Pink Orchids

Pink is the colour of femininity which makes it perfect for your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister and any other female recipients. This orchid colour is associated with tenderness and friendship. They can even be sent as a get well soon gift.

Yellow Orchids

The colour yellow is known for making us feel energized and happy. This colour can brighten up any room which is why yellow orchids are sent for such joyful occasions as the arrival of a new baby or as a housewarming gift. You can also send them to celebrate your friendship.

Green Orchids

Green is a wonderful orchid colour and it is a cool colour which means that it is particularly soothing. A green orchid is associated with health, good fortune and nature. Send this plant to wish somebody well or even as a get well soon gift.

Orange Orchids

An orange orchid will certainly grab anyone’s attention as soon as they enter the room. These flowers represent pride and it encourages the recipient to embrace their bolder side. If you know somebody who is facing a challenge like a new job, choose this orchid colour to give them the boost of courage they need.

Red Orchids

Red is associated with passion and romance which means that this orchid colour is no different. If you want to let somebody know that you love them or you want to send a truly impressive gift for Valentine’s Day, look for a gorgeous red orchid plant!

White Orchids

Never underestimate the power of the colour white. There are a wonderful variety of orchids available in white so you can take your pick according to preference and budget. White is the colour of purity and innocence. It is also one of the most elegant of all colours and it is perfect for just about every occasion.

You might be wondering why you did not see blue as an orchid colour listed above. Well, this is because blue orchids are actually dyed in order to achieve this remarkable colour. There are also turquoise shades available and all of these are achieved by applying a special dye to a white orchid plant. No matter the occasion, however, these dyed orchids will always make the recipient smile!