Non-traditional Valentine’s Day blooms

Red roses are the number one choice when it comes to romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. However, when you feel like doing things a little differently, you may prefer sending one of these non-traditional Valentine’s Day blooms instead.

White Chrysathemums

These gorgeous flowers make excellent Valentine’s Day blooms because of their pure beauty. You can send them on their own or pair them with red flowers like carnations and a touch of fresh foliage too.

White Roses

Just like other white blooms, white roses send a message of purity. Perfect for letting the recipient know of your pure love for them. Let their flawless beauty reflect the beauty that you see within your precious Valentine.


If you are looking for Valentine’s Day blooms that will make a real statement, you should consider lilies. Available in various colours, shapes and sizes, some of the most popular of all are Asiatic and Oriental lilies. Consider pairing them with light pink carnations and even some pink and white roses.

Gerbera daisies

Large, bright and beautiful, gerberas are available in various colours. Bold pink and light pink gerbera daisies are an excellent choice. Red gerberas are also wonderful if you have your heart set on red Valentine’s Day blooms but you also want something different.


Red tulips are a popular choice but, if you want something really different, you could opt for pink or purple tulips instead. You could even combine the two colours if you want something uniquely feminine that she will love.


Last, but certainly not least, orchids also make a superbly elegant gift for this romantic occasion. There are different types of orchids from which to choose and there are also several colours. Some orchids are artificially coloured (such as bright blue varieties) which means that their initial blooms will be blue but subsequent flowers will be white. No matter the orchid you choose, you can always be sure that it will make your Valentine smile.

There are some of the best ideas for non-traditional romantic flowers. Don’t forget to consider adding luxury chocolates, perhaps a cute Valentine’s Day balloon or even a bottle of bubbly with your bouquet order.