News Alert: Heavy rain could cause critical damage to Chelsea Flower Show entries

Entries from Gloucester for the Chelsea Flower Show could have been affected by the heavy downpours that have occurred across the country.

With the big day just weeks away, the unexpected cold, wet weather has left the entrants hoping for a warm, dry spell to help their gardens perk up and bloom some more after the miserable weather.

Flowers that usually stand tall are left looking sad and small and many trees have lost a lot of leaves.

It is lucky that most of the flowers used for displays are grown in nurseries and controlled environments or imported from Italy.

It has been said that some gardeners had gone to extreme measures to keep their plants alive by wrapping them in warm woolly fleeces at night and placing small lamps near them to offer some fake sunlight.

The flowers most at risk from these weather conditions are:

Foxgloves, Geraniums, Tulips, Irises, Azaleas and Peonies.

It is expected that this year there will have to be some substitutions as opposed to last year when there were late entries into the competition due to warm weather.

The Chelsea Flowers Show is running this year from Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th of May.