The meaning of funeral flowers

Funeral flowers are not something we like to plan or even think about. Usually, we end up planning a funeral or memorial service at the last minute and we have to rush to think of everything – including the flowers. It’s times like these that your florist will come in very handy since they can offer the expert advice you need.

Lilies are one of the top flowers when it comes to honouring the life of a loved one. It is the floral representation of the restoration of innocence. The soul of the lost loved one is considered pure and at peace.

Gladioli are also popular in many large funeral arrangements because they are tall and they help add that element of height to the floral display. They are available in various colours and are a symbol of strength, moral integrity, and sincerity.

Carnations are often used as mass flowers in funeral arrangements. They add texture with their ruffled petals and they give the arrangement a lovely full appearance. Pink carnations are associated with remembrance, red ones with admiration, and white ones with purity and innocence.

In certain countries, like Spain, Italy, and France, chrysanthemums are seen as a symbol of death. In other countries, however, they are regarded as positive and even cheerful. This is why it’s always important to understand the customs and traditions of another country if you plan on sending an international flower delivery.

Roses can also be used in funeral flower arrangements. Each colour has its own meaning and the shade of the colour also plays an important role. Dark crimson roses are associated with sorrow and grief while yellow ones represent friendship.

Hydrangeas can be used as a symbol of your sincere appreciation for all that your loved one did for you. Many people like to order funeral crosses made up of white hydrangeas with a few colourful focal flowers (like crimson roses) across the point where the two lines meet.

No matter the types of flowers or the colours you choose, they should always be selected with your loved one in mind. If they loved particular type of flower, then this flower should be included in the arrangements if possible. If they had a favourite colour, consider this for your colour scheme.