Make your own oriental floral display

Oriental flower arrangements are known for their simple designs but this minimalist approach does not make them in any way less beautiful. In fact, there is amazing beauty in simplicity. When making this kind of arrangement, you need to be aware that some rules do apply. For example, you need to choose your flowers wisely. Such blooms as orchids, lilies, and irises are ideal. You do not want to use flowers like carnations or hydrangeas since it will not suit the theme. Here are some more detailed instructions on how to make your own oriental themed flower arrangement.

  1. Cut your flower stems at an angle before you start arranging. This is to ensure maximum absorption of water and nutrients.

  2. Remove lower leaves while you are at it.

  3. Keep the flowers in warm water and in a cool part of your home. Keep out of direct sunlight.

  4. Choose 2 bright flowers and 1 bloom with a base tone colour like white or cream. For example, you can use pink snapdragons along with a white lily.

  5. Place the flowers in a clear vase and make sure that one of the brightly coloured blooms is on either side.

  6. You can use glass stones or marbles to secure each stem in place.

  7. Now for the foliage! Bamboo shoots are an excellent option for any oriental themed arrangement.They should be placed at the back of the arrangement.

  8. Add an accent flower or filler flower such as cherry blossoms.

  9. You can then fill the vase to the halfway mark with more marbles and stones as well as fresh water. The water should be warm but not hot.

  10. You can even add accessories like river rocks around the base of the arrangement for that little something extra.

These steps are guidelines that can be adapted to suit foam based arrangements too. So, if you don’t want to use a vase and you would rather use floral foam, you can still follow these tips. Just remember that you will need some kind of moss or something similar to cover up the floral foam since there are only a few flower stems in this arrangement and they will not conceal all of the foam.

These arrangements are all about simplicity which means that you should never use too many flowers. Even your foliage should be light. Less is more in this case so, if you find that you usually overfill vases, you’ll need to rein yourself in with these designs. The good news is that this minimalist approach looks great and it is really cost effective too! These arrangements are great for men and women so, no matter the recipient, it will always be a suitable gift.