How to make a floral mirror from spoons

If you want a mirror with a difference, then you will love this floral design. With just a few basic items, you will soon have a colourful floral mirror for your home or even as a gift. Here’s how to make it yourself!

You will need:

  • Small to medium mirror (circular shape)
  • Plastic spoons in the colour of your choice
  • Foam core
  • Hobby Saw
  • Industrial scissors or something tough to cut your spoons
  • Pen
  • Spray paint
  • Glue gun
  • Large plate


  • Place large plate on the foam core and trace the edge using a pen.
  • Use a hobby saw to cut out the circle from the foam.
  • Sand the edges down if necessary and take your circle of foam core outside to spray paint. Use the same colour as your spoons.
  • While the foam core dries, you can work on your spoons. Start by cutting the ends of the spoons off so that you’re left with little more than the scoop end.
  • Feel free to sand down any rough edges before you continue.
  • Place the painted foam core on a table and position your round mirror in the middle. Do not glue the mirror in place just yet.
  • Now start gluing the outer rim of your spoons using your hot glue gun. Place some glue between the base of the spoon and the halfway point. Then secure in place. Continue all the way around until you complete the outer ring of spoons. Remember, you want your spoons to have a raised appearance. So the glued part will be flat on the foam and the outer edge will be raised up.
  • Now for the next layer. Do the same and apply the next layer so that each spoon is in between two from the first ring.
  • Keep going until you complete the final layer around the mirror.
  • Glue the mirror in place with the glue gun.
  • Attach a hook or simply hang on a hook by piercing the foam core onto a nail in the wall. This mirror is lightweight and easy to disaply anywhere.