Luxury flowers to celebrate the holidays

Christmas time really is the season for giving and, these days, there is an increased demand for luxurious gifts. Luxury flowers are no exception and these floral creations are just what everyone needs to make the right statement whether spoiling a friend, loved one or even as an impressive corporate gift.

Choice in flowers

When shopping for luxury flowers, it’s important to make sure that you look for quality blooms. The florist you choose should offer a freshness guarantee to set your mind at ease. The last thing anyone wants is to have a wilted bouquet arrive! Even though it is not the sender’s fault, the recipient could still associate the sender with poor quality gifts and it could even be perceived as an insult. As for the types of flowers, there are plenty of gorgeous options available. The most popular bouquets include roses, lilies and carnations.

Colours and contrast

One of the main elements that set luxury flowers apart from the rest is the colour scheme of the bouquet. Gentle hues paired with bold and striking colours can have a phenomenal effect. Of course, if you want something more subtle yet elegant, look for pastels instead. The pairing of dusty pink blooms with other light pink and off-white flowers make for the ultimate delicate bouquet.

The right vase or holder

No matter how wonderful your luxury flowers look, the vase can make or break the entire display! You want a vase that will complement the colours as well as the theme of the arrangement. Whenever in doubt, remember that a clear glass vase will always do the trick. Round displays can be set in fish bowl-type vases whereas taller arrangements look best in tall or trumpet-shaped vases. You could even opt for a hatbox design if you are looking for something different this year!

Luxury on a budget

Shopping for luxury flowers does not mean that you need to stretch your budget to the point of breaking. These bouquets are available in various sizes and each display contains a different combination of blooms. Both of these aspects will affect the final price of the arrangement. There are even mini arrangements available if you want to send a luxurious yet extremely affordable floral gift.

Once you have found the perfect luxury flowers for the recipient or even for yourself, you can continue to add any optional extras according to your needs. In other words, you can add gifts like chocolates, a balloon, a bottle of wine or similar extras to your flower order. The gift will be delivered along with the fresh flowers. This makes flower gift shopping that much more convenient!