Lovely lavender flowers

Different types of flowers are available in various colours. Not all flowers are available in every colour which is why it’s always good to keep an open mind when searching for flower arrangements to suit a specific theme or colour scheme. If you are looking for lavender coloured flowers for your home, office, or for a special occasion, the good news is that there are several from which to choose. They can even be paired with other colours like white for a fuller and even more impressive effect.

Roses are available in various colours and even several shades of each colour. It should come as no surprise that there are lavender coloured roses and they are an absolute delight to behold! Another popular lavender flower is the double bloom tulip. Apart from the gorgeous colour, but it is also far more lush in appearance.

Hyacinths make great potted plants and they can be added to flower arrangements. Their lavender colour makes them a real treat in so many different types of bouquets. Alternatively, if you are looking for smaller flowers, you could add a few lilac stems. The clusters of flowers on each stem make them fantastic fillers.

Miniature calla lilies are great for corsages and buttonholes as well as many more smaller flower arrangements. Carnations are readily available and you’ll have no trouble finding lavender coloured carnations at your favourite florist. They are also long lasting and one of the most affordable of all cut flowers.

Dahlias, freesia, and hydrangeas are also superb additions to any lavender bouquet. If you want to include the scent of lavender to go with the colour, you could even add a few stems of this herb to your bouquet. In fact, use of herbs in flower bouquets is a practice that can be traced back many years. Even long before flower arranging became such a specialised trade.