Last minute bridal bouquet design

There’s nothing more romantic than getting married at the drop of a hat to the man or woman of your dreams! Now, this is nothing like a night at Vegas where some excessive consumption led to Elvis helping you tie the knot with somebody you’ve just met! It is, in fact, when two people in love decide that they don’t want to spend months or years planning their big day. They would much rather skip all the nerves and second guessing, invite their loved ones, and begin their lives together.

So, if you are getting married or if you know somebody who is getting married at the last minute, here’s how you can put together a superb bridal bouquet in a hurry and without having it look like a second rate effort!

Firstly, figure out how much you can spend on the flowers and don’t forget that you might want to save a bit extra for a decorative ribbon or other accessories! Once you know how much you can spend, think about a colour. Is there a particular colour you have in mind or do you want to use several colours? Think about the style of the dress as well as the theme of the wedding. Casual weddings call for a more relaxed wedding gown and this will also mean that your bridal bouquet should be a bit more understated.

Now it’s time to choose your flowers. The flowers you choose will somewhat depend on the colour or colours you are looking for. For example, roses come in just about every colour you can imagine whereas sunflowers are only available in yellow. Once you have the flowers and any foliage you may need, it’s time to get some floral wire, perhaps some green floral tape and a lovely ribbon with decorative pins so secure the ribbon to the bouquet.

Place your flowers in water and prepare them. Trim the stems slightly, remove extra leaves from the stems, and eliminate any blooms that are less than perfect. Start with your focal flower or flowers. You will usually use one larger flower (or three) in the centre of the bouquet to create a focal point. Now add your other mass flowers around the focal flower and don’t forget to alternate. In other words, if you have a stargazer lily as your focal flower, you can then surround it with roses and carnations but make sure that you alternate so that you don’t create clusters of the same flower. Now add some filler, like baby’s breath, in between for that delicate effect. If you want to create a small bouquet, you can stop here or you can add some foliage around the edge. If you want a larger bouquet, you can add two or three more stargazer lilies around the edge of the bouquet and then place roses, carnations, and some baby’s breath in between. Again, alternate between your mass flowers so that you don’t create clusters. Surround with a gentle hint of foliage if you like and bind the stems together.

Use floral wire to hold all the stems together and cover the wire with green floral tape. Cut the stems to length and start wrapping your ribbon around to conceal the tape-covered wire. Use decorative pins to hold the ribbon in place and keep your bouquet in water until you’re ready to walk down the isle!