Keeping the Mother’s Day tradition alive

Most of the world celebrates Mother’s Day in much the same way. We spoil mum with fresh flowers, chocolates, sweets, and all sorts of gifts to make mum feel pampered. In the UK, the main difference when it comes to this tradition is the fact that it is called Mothering Sunday. It also falls on a different date. Mother’s Day is celebrated in May – on the second Sunday to be exact. As for Mothering Sunday, this day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This means that it often falls on a Sunday in March. Neither Mother’s Day nor Mothering Sunday are celebrated on a set date.

In the UK, traditional gifts include fresh flowers, sometimes potted plants, chocolates, luxury pamper gifts, and even hampers full of a variety of treats and delicious morsels just for mum. Your florist will also include a card which you can use to add a personal message. All you need to do is let your florist know what you would like typed on the card. It’s important to take some time to compose a suitable, meaningful message. Check for any spelling errors and read at least a couple of times before submitting your message along with your flower order.

The types of flowers that are often sent for Mothering Sunday include roses, carnations, and lilies. These flowers are known for their elegance and they are perfect thanks to their feminine flare. Pink is often the colour of choice when it comes to Mother’s Day flowers but they can be paired with some white blooms or they can include several shades of pink.

Don’t forget about the traditional simnel cake! This almond cake is also called a mothering cake and it is one of the most well-known local traditions for this occasions. Even if you have young children, fathers can still get their kids involved in baking this special cake for mum.

No matter where you live or how busy you are, it’s so important to make sure that you celebrate the woman who gave you life. Your time, love, and affection are the greatest gifts of all. So, make sure that you set at least a few hours aside just for mum and let her know that you appreciate everything she has done for you.