Keeping flowers fresh during and after delivery

Fresh flowers make the most beautiful gifts for all occasions. Unfortunately, if they are not properly protected and cared for, they can get damaged. Some flowers are more delicate than others but they all deserve to be treated with love and care. Here are some essential flower transport and care tips.

Transporting tips

When you want to spoil a loved one with a fresh flower delivery but you want to make that delivery in person, you need to transport the bouquet carefully. If the arrangement is set in floral foam, it is usually quite easy because you don’t have to worry about water spilling. If it is a vase arrangement, you should empty as much water out of the vase as possible.

Secondly, you need to offer your flower arrangement plenty of support. Especially if you are planning on delivering it without any help. A box or crate is excellent for holding your bouquet in place. You might have to add some filler material like newspapers or rags to prevent the arrangement from tipping over.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your bouquet out of the sun and don’t leave your windows open wide either or the wind can destroy those blooms. If you use a heater or air conditioner, make sure that the temperature in your car is moderate. Any vents facing your flowers should be shut so that they don’t affect the bouquet.

Flower care

If you receive a bouquet for your birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, you will want it to look its best for as long as possible. Here are some essential flower care tips:

  • Remove any packaging and set those stems free.
  • Place them in some clean water while you prepare your vase
  • Trim each stem underwater and make sure that you trim at an angle for maximum water absorption.
  • Remove any lower leaves so that they do not end up in the vase water. The more plant material is in the water, the faster bacteria will grow and this can cause your flowers to perish prematurely.
  • Use fresh water in a clean vase.
  • Add flower food to the vase water and allow to dissolve before adding your flowers.
  • Choose the perfect spot for your flowers. Keep them away from direct sunlight, sources of heat (heaters, fire places, radiators, etc), fans, air conditioners and draughty areas.
  • Refill and replace the vase water regularly to slow the growth of bacteria and keep your flowers fresh for longer.
  • If necessary, re-cut the stems after a few days to provide a clean surface for absorption.
  • If any of your flowers or foliage start to wilt, you should remove it from the vase so that it does not cause the rest of the bouquet to perish prematurely.