Including black in your wedding décor

Of all the colours in the world, black might not be at the top of everyone’s list when they imagine their wedding. What many people might not know is that a bit of black added to your white wedding can make it the most elegant event of the year or even the decade! Black and white go together perfectly due to the amazing contrast that they create. If you are not sure how to include this colour as part of your wedding décor, here are some tips.

Wedding flowers

The flowers you choose for your wedding will determine the colour scheme and theme which is why it is one of the most important decisions that you will make. While there are plenty of white flowers out there, you will not find as many choices when looking for black blooms. In most cases, the flowers that you will most likely encounter are Burgundy Black Dahlias, certain Orchids, very dark red Roses, or naturally black Anemones.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Just imagine how much more your snow white dress will stand out when you are standing next to your bridesmaids in black! Black is also elegant and their black dresses will not live up to the infamous ‘ugly bridesmaid dress’ stigma!

Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake can take on just about any look you like! A white cake with black flowers can look superb. Another option you might like is a cake with a black finish, coating or glaze. With a bit of edible gold dust or glitter in the right places, your cake can easily become part of the décor! Black cakes can also be decorated with elegant white blooms if you like. It all depends on the general theme that you want to create.

Wedding Invitations

Setting the tone for your wedding all starts with your invitations! When your guests take a look at their black wedding invitations, it will immediately stand out as something different and opulent. Black and white as well as black and gold can work very well together when creating wedding invitations.

Remember to always plan your wedding as thoroughly and completely as possible before sending out any invitations. You might change your mind about the time, venue, or even the décor!