Improve privacy in your garden

Privacy is something we all like to have when relaxing in our garden. The last thing you want is to have your neighbour or a stranger staring at you while you’re reading your favourite book or trying to enjoy the sun. Fences and walls can be so ugly but there is good news. Nature has a way of helping us maintain our privacy without sacrificing the beauty of our garden!

If you have space for trees, and time to grow them, you can choose from cypress, bamboo, or aborvitae. These three options are all beautifully tall and dense which means that no prying eyes will be able to sneak a peek.

Shrubs are great too and they tend to grow a bit faster than other plants and trees. Italian buckthorn, red twig dogwood, and French lilac are three excellent options. Shrubs have a dense appearance and you can trim them back as and when needed. You can let the grow quite tall which means that they can even ofer some shade, depending on the time of day.

If you have a fence and you want to give it a new, more natural look, then how about a vine? Ivy is the most well-known of all but you could also opt for clematis or certain types of jasmine. Vines also grow quite quickly and they will cover your fence before you know it. Like shrubs, you can trim the vine to suit your needs. Remember, many vines lose their leaves in winter so, if your priority is privacy in the summer, then these are great. Vines can also offer a faster solution while you are waiting for your privacy trees to grow.