Impress your Valentine with a flower delivery

Some might say that it’s easy to order Valentine’s Day flowers while others might agree that the ordering is not the problem but rather the delivery itself. When sending fresh flowers for this romantic occasion, it’s important to make sure that you create the right impression by delivering them in just the right way.

Option 1: Anonymous surprise

If you want to surprise your crush on this romantic occasion but you are not sure if they feel the same way about you, then you might want to opt for an annonymous flower delivery. Include a note with a romantic message and perhaps a hint regarding your identity. You can invite them out to dinner or even drinks if you’re feeling bold enough to arrange a date.

Option 2: Personal delivery

Surprising your partner or spouse in person on Valentine’s Day can be the perfect way to kickstart the romance for the day. Make the delivery in person and show your Valentine that you care enough to take a few minutes out of your day just for them. By making the delivery in person, you will also be able to see the look on their face when you arrive with a beautiful bouquet. Even if you can’t stick around too long, you can always include a note with a cryptic clue about your plans for later that day.

Option 3: Public or private display of affection

Always keep in mind that some people enjoy public displays of affection whereas others do not. If you know that your partner or spouse prefers to keep affection private, you might want to wait until your Valentine arrives home before surprising them. This way, you can spoil them without worrying about embarrassing them in any way.

Option 4: Welcome home

Another fantastic romantic gesture is to take flowers to the next level. Start by scattering fresh rose petals from the door all the way to the bedroom. Set some candles out in the bathroom and bedroom. Make sure that the bathtub is ready but hold off on filling the tub with water until your Valentine arrives home. While waiting for the water to run, you can enjoy a chilled glass of bubbly while you relax and enjoy each other’s company. Once the bath is ready, let your loved one enjoy a soothing soak while you dish up dinner. Again, set the table with some candles and perhaps a single rose in a slender vase. If you want to give your Valentine another gift, you can present it to them over dinner.

No matter how you deliver the flowers, you should always make sure that the recipient will be comfortable. For instance, a big romantic gesture in public is not for everyone. Take their feelings into account before making any plans.