Important modern flower arrangement tips

When you browse for flowers online or visit your local florist, you may notice that there are many different styles of flower arranging. The way we arrange flowers today is quite different from the way bouquets were put together years ago and we have entered a far more modern era in terms f floral design. While you could opt for a traditional design to match your vintage furniture, modern settings require modern décor. You could have your florist put together the perfect blend or you could even try your own hand at making something impressive and unique.

One of the most important factors to remember when creating a stunning modern flower bouquet is that you will need to select the right colours. While older techniques involve selecting several colours for a single bouquet, modern arrangement styles require fewer colours and more specific shades. Pastels were popular years ago while brighter shades create a more striking appearance and this is desirable for modern displays.

The container is another important factor to consider. While a Victorian style vase would suit a mixed bouquet of pastel flowers, in a room where the décor is along the same lines. A modern living room, kitchen, or any other room will be better decorated with a simple black, white, or even a silver vase if you have furniture with a similar trim. Consider just how stunning a bunch of perfect red roses in a glossy black ceramic vase would look on your modern glass coffee table, for example.

These types of arrangements are usually tall and linear in design. They will often include several straight lines along with a few curves. Bamboo is popular as foliage because of the linear design aspect and, with one group of flowers facing upwards and another group at the base of the arrangement to create some contrast in the design. By adding flowers and foliage around the base, you will fill up your arrangement without making it look top heavy.

If you like, you can also add accessories. Think about fun straws and drink stirrers to add straight lines or curves – depending on the style of the accessory you choose. These items are small enough that they add just what the arrangement needs without overcrowding it.