The importance of Orchids

Orchids originated millions of years ago in eastern Asia, and now there are over 17,000 different species or orchid flowers in the world.

The Appeal

Orchids are loved by flower connoisseurs because of their unique appearance, growing tall and thin, with multiple flowers growing along the same stem – this makes orchids stand out when they are among other flowers which are similar to each other, making them harder to distinguish from one another.

The meaning

Orchids symbolise beauty and gratefulness, which is why they make a perfect thank you gift, or a gift for that someone special you would like to make smile, With the Orchid’s  large bright flowers in a variety of colours bound to make anyone happy.


Orchids are among the most resilient flowering plants known,they are capable of growing almost anywhere, they are highly resistant to cold weather within reason, and are hardly fussy when it comes to what they are grown in. Additionally, they possess the ability to retain excess water in their stems and leaves, allowing them to have a sort of back up temporary water supply if they experience a dry spell. They make excellent house plants too, as they only need a relatively small about on light (around 7 hours) to grow healthily, and they give off a subtle, sweet scent, as well as the added benefit that they oxidise the air.

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