How to make incense with fresh flowers

If you love incense and you adore fresh flowers, then you are in for a real treat! You can make your own incense with just a few basic supplies and in just a few simple steps. This process does take about two to three weeks but the good news is that you can make several bundles to last you for months.

You need:

  • cotton twine to tie the fresh flowers and herbs together
  • flowers and herbs
  • scissors
  • heat-proof plate for burning your incense
  • hanger
  • lighter or matches


  • Start by preparing your fresh flowers and herbs. You will need to cut the stems to a length of about six inches (for the herbs) and three to six inches for the flowers.
  • Remove any extra leaves from the flowers.
  • Create bundles of flowers and herbs and place each bundle on your work table.
  • Secure the stems with your twine. You want to secure the twine around the base of the stems and leave on end about three inches long while you wrap the other end up and back down the stems. Once you get to the bottom again, secure the two ends together. Wrap tightly since the stems will become smaller as the flowers dry out.
  • Hang the bundles from a hanger until they are dry. They should be hung upside down for approximately two to three weeks. Keep them away from sunlight and harsh breezes. Ventilation is important to keep humidity levels low.
  • Place on a heat-proof plate when they are ready and light your incense!
  • Store any extra bundles in a cool and dry spot.

When creating your bundles of fresh flowers and herbs, remember that there are certain combinations that go particularly well together. For relaxing incense, use lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus. For something more energizing, combine carnations, mint and sage. Roses, lavender and sage are excellent for romantic occasions while stocks, cinnamon and bay leaves are ideal for the festive season.