How long do cut roses last?

Roses are one of the most well-known and loved flowers in the world. Available in just about every colour, these blooms are perfect for all occasions. When planning for an event, it is important to know how long cut roses last. Here are a few of the most important factors to keep in mind.

Cut roses last at least one week

Once the rose is picked from the plant, it usually remains fresh and beautiful for at least one week. If you follow the appropriate cut flower care tips, you can dramatically extend the life of your cut roses. These care tips include trimming the stems at an angle, replacing the vase water every couple of days and adding flower food every time you change the water.

Other factors to consider

There are also other factors that you will need to consider like the type of rose. Different roses have different lifespans and this always needs to be kept in mind. Cut roses last longer if they are placed in fresh water as soon as they are cut. Any delays can dramatically shorten the vase life of the flower. Similarly, if the rose plant is not in perfect health, it can also shorten the life of the flower.

How long can a cut rose last without water?

Sometimes we use roses in such a way that we are unable to keep them in water. The amount of time that they can last without water will depend on various environmental conditions. These include humidity and heat. If you are planning on using roses to decorate an arch or create a similar display, you should keep them in water until the very last minute. This will ensure that your blooms stay fresher for longer.

What about rose petals?

Rose petals can last for up to 3 days once they are removed from the stem. If you are concerned about this, you could always dry them out and store them for future use. Dried petals are great for those who like to plan ahead. Dried rose petals are particularly popular when it comes to making your own potpourri.

Now that you know how long cut roses last, you can plan your flower order accordingly. Remember that flower deliveries can be scheduled for a specific date but there is usually no way of knowing what time they will arrive. Which is why so many people prefer to have their flowers delivered the day before a special occasion.