How flower colours affect us

When you take a look at certain flowers, it’s not uncommon to feel differently about each bouquet. This is because of the way flower colours affect us. Whether you realise it or not, you are affected by various aspects of your surroundings – including the various colours. So, when you buy flowers for yourself or send a bouquet to a loved one, it’s good to remember the kind of effect that these blooms will have.

The effect of warm colours

As you take a relaxing walk through the botanical gardens or even your own garden, you may notice that you are particularly attracted to yellow and red flowers. These flower colours are known to attract more attention than many others because of their bright warm appearance. This is most likely the reason why they are so often used to line pathways and steps.

Cool flower colours attract us too

It’s not only warm colours that are attractive, but cool colours too. When you spot perfect blue flowers, they immediately grab your attention. One of the reasons why is because there aren’t too many naturally blue flowers available. It’s also worth considering the soothing effect of the colour blue. Blue is very calming while warmer colours are more energetic. These flowers are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Pure white beauty

White is neither warm nor cool so what should you expect from white flowers? Well, when you see white blooms, it usually makes you think of clean, neat and pure environments. It is a basic colour and, unlike any other flower colours, it helps create a sense of order. Many people use white flowers to create a border around their garden.

When it comes to mixing various flower colours, it’s best to take it one step at a time or you could end up with an overwhelming display. If you are planting flowers in your garden, you can experiment with different colours but you should avoid planting too many or your garden can confuse the senses. Simplicity is often the best approach when it comes to flower arrangements and gardening.