Holiday flowers and tips to prepare your home

When the festive season approaches, we start to prepare for all the craziness that comes along with it. This means cleaning, cooking and decorating all in one and not necessarily in that order. If you want to get through the holidays unscathed, here are some tips for preparing your home and selecting the best holiday flowers.

A thorough clean

It is counterproductive to decorate and try to make your home look its best before cleaning every corner. While we often give our homes something called a ‘spring clean’, the holidays are perfect for cleaning before the New Year begins. It’s like clearing the slate and giving yourself a fresh start. While cleaning every room in your home, you can also make the most of this time to get rid of anything you don’t need or no longer use. Anything that is broken should be discarded or recycled while other items or clothing can be donated. The holidays is perfect for donating and you can really make somebody’s day by giving them what they need. By making some space in your home, you will have even more room for those decorations and holiday flowers too.

Setting up annual decorations

We all have a collection of Christmas decorations that we like to use year after year. These decorations play a sentimental role in the annual festivities. These, along with fresh holiday flowers, will give your home a warm and festive feel. Whether you prefer a fresh Christmas tree or an artificial one, you will be able to set yours up any time from the from the first week of December. If you have any garlands, snow globes, lights and other decorations, now is the time to set them up too.

Ordering holiday flowers

With your decorations all set up and your home beautifully clean, it is time to make a plan for holiday flowers. You don’t want to overcrowd your home but you do want to add extra colour and some fresh beauty. Poinsettias are the top choice when it comes to Christmas plants. You can place one or more of these plants around the base of your Christmas tree before, during and after Christmas. They are great for concealing the tree stand before you arrange gifts around the base and after they have all been opened. You should also consider ordering some fresh festive wreaths for your front door, entrance hall or another prominent area that could use some seasonal colour. You can also order a fresh centrepiece for your Christmas dinner or lunch table. When shopping for holiday flowers, remember that online florists make it easy to find the perfect blooms since they have a special section dedicated to Christmas arrangements. Red, white and green are the top colour choices while gold also makes an appearance in many bouquets. White and blue bouquets are also lovely if you want something a little different.

Remember to order your holiday flowers early but make sure that you only schedule the delivery for a week or two before Christmas. This will help ensure that they last throughout the holidays and into the New Year.