Halloween flower décor for your home

Halloween is a fun occasion and it’s the perfect time to decorate your home and embrace all of the fun that you can have with flowers and spooky accessories. If you are not sure about the best Halloween flower arrangements to choose this year, here are some tips.

Fun vase

The theme of a flower arrangement is not only determined by the blooms and foliage. The vase you choose will also help you create a wonderful arrangement with the perfect theme for this time of year. For Halloween, you can get really creative by choosing something like a skull ornament or something with a bat, pumpkin or vampire design.


Garlands can be used for just about any occasion and Halloween is definitely one of them. Just like the rest of your Halloween flower décor, you need to pay close attention to the colours you use as well as any accessories. Dark colours are ideal along with dark green foliage. Use floral wire to attach any accessories to your garland and display it over your mantel, use it as a centrepiece or any other way that you like.

Fun colours

Colour is an essential aspect of any floral display. The most popular colours for Halloween flower arrangements include orange and black. Of course, you can also add yellow to brighten things up. Splashes of white here and there also helps give your flowers a fresh, new look.

Authentic autumn

Since Halloween is only one day and autumn flowers usually last for a couple of weeks, many people choose to avoid the spooky theme altogether and opt for something that suits the season such as pumpkins and gourds. You can always add a few spooky flower picks on the day and remove them once Halloween is over.

Alternative colour scheme

If you really want something different, consider a white colour scheme instead of the usual orange. Along with white flowers like chrysanthemums, you can display lighter-coloured pumpkins and light-coloured wooden baskets. Keep all of the colours light to create an elegant display for Halloween.

Go for the gold

For those who fancy a bit of fun and sparkle, you can add a little gold to your Halloween flower arrangement. This can be done in various ways including flower picks and other accessories or even a gold vase. Now, you don’t have to go out and buy a gold-coloured vase. Instead, you can hollow out a pumpkin as per usual and spray paint the exterior gold instead!

No matter what kind of Halloween flower décor you choose this year, you can be sure that fresh blooms will brighten your home and make this occasion even more fun. Don’t forget to stock up of chocolates and sweet treats too! You can even add a bowl of candies beside your floral display.