Gladiolus flowers in different arrangements

Gladiolus flowers are loved for their bright colours and impressive height. Their tall stems are covered with clusters of blooms and they are some of the best line flowers as well as focal flowers in various types of arrangements. When using them in your next floral display, remember just how versatile they really are.

Standing alone

One of the best ways in which you can make the most of gladiolus flowers is by using them all on their own to fill a vase. You can choose a single colour or mix up several colours to make a truly eye-catching bouquet.

Mixed bouquets

Gladiolus flowers look great on their own but they can also be paired with other blooms to create a more dynamic floral display. Depending on the style of the bouquet and the other blooms you are planning on using, your gladiolas will usually play the role of line flowers. In other words, they will line the back of the arrangement and create a backdrop for the rest of your blooms. If you want to use a regular tall vase, simply place your gladiolas in the middle and surround them with other mass and filler flowers.

Vase choice

The size and height of your vase will depend on the length of your flower stems. If you plan on pairing gladiolus flowers with other blooms, you should choose a vase that suits the stem length of all the flowers in the arrangement. Tall stems like those of your gladiolas can always be trimmed accordingly.

As you can see, gladiolus flowers can be used in various ways. You can create large arrangements or smaller bouquets using fewer stems. You don’t need to buy dozens of these flowers to make an amazing display either. Just remember to select an uneven number of stems for the best visual effect.