Get out of trouble with flowers

We are all human and we all make mistakes. What so many people will tell you is that it’s how you make up for these mistakes that really counts. If you are in hot water, just remember that you can get out of trouble with flowers! Fresh flowers are the number one gift when the time comes to apologise. Whether you have upset your partner, let a friend down or hurt your co-worker’s feelings, it’s time to make things right with a perfectly apologetic gift.

Order their favourite flowers

Depending on the recipient and your relationship with them, you can get out of trouble with flowers simply by selecting a gorgeous bouquet of their favourite blooms. So, if they love pink roses, a bouquet that includes or consists solely of red roses will certainly warm their heart. If you are not sure about the colour but you know that they love tulips, you could send a mixed bouquet that includes several colours. It’s all about considering their needs. If they have allergies, remember to opt for flowers that don’t have much pollen or, if they do, it should be the heavy pollen variety that falls to the floor and does not float in the air. You can even ask your florist about removing pollen from certain flowers.

Add something extra

Now that you have that gorgeous bouquet, it’s time to add something extra. Your florist should have a number of excellent options from which to choose. Chocolates are always a big favourite when trying to get out of trouble with flowers. They send your gift over the top and make it that much more impressive. You can also include a vase with your order so that they don’t have to search for one at work or at home. If they enjoy the cuter things in life, add a teddy bear to your flower order.

Write a meaningful message

While the fresh flower delivery will have the initial impact, it’s your words that are going to make the real and lasting difference. If you want the recipient of your flowers to take your apology seriously, you need to write a sincere message to be included with the flower delivery. Avoid generic messages and cliches. Don’t be tempted to use the word ‘but’ or make excuses for whatever you may have done. Simply apologise and mean it! This is the best way to get out of trouble with flowers.

Now that those fences have been mended, it’s time to take a step back and think about everything. Remember this life lesson so that you don’t end up making the same mistake twice!