How gardening benefits your health

Have you ever wondered why people enjoy gardening? It’s a chore and it can be hard work sometimes yet we spend hours on our gardens and we take such pride in the beautiful results. So much so that we can hardly wait for the next planting season! This is because gardening actually offers a number of fantastic health benefits.

Gardening is great for reducing stress. Instead of focusing on work or whatever is troubling you, you can put all of your energy into the soil and your lovely plants. It also encourages the production of the hormone cortisol which is essential for stress relief.

You will enjoy greater fitness and strength as a result of regular gardening. It’s a workout that will yield amazing results in your yard as well. Keeping yourself fit and strong by maintaining your garden and tools is also wonderful for your heart.

Spending some time in the sun is also great for Vitamin D. This particular vitamin is often ignored despite it’s essential role in our bodies. Even if you do take supplements during the colder months, it’s good to enjoy some sun during the summer. Vitamin D deficiencies can impact your immune system as well as affect the way calcium is absorbed by the bones.

That amazing rewarding feeling that you get from creating a beautiful green space in your yard is excellent for boosting your self-esteem. You can take pride in something you created and this space can be your own personal sanctuary. When you wake up in the morning, pour your coffee or tea, and then enjoy that lovely view – it’s the best way to start your day!
Even if you don’t have a yard, you can still enjoy gardening in your home. Potted plants can be displayed in various rooms of your home as well as your balcony. In fact, if you don’t have a garden of your own, it’s beneficial for your mind and body to grow various plants in different rooms of your home.