Fun facts about sunflowers

Sunflowers are the very picture of joy and beauty. Their large size and bright yellow colour makes them extremely eye catching and they look great with other flowers and all on their own. When you send sunflowers, you can be sure that they will make the recipient smile. They are suitable for birthdays, as a congratulations gift, and for many more occasions.

What many people might not know about sunflowers is that their scientific name is Helianthus. This name consists of the words Helios and Anthus which mean sun and flower respectively. The sunflower is known for turning as it grows which is why the stem becomes twisted. This adds to the fascinating beauty of these blooms.

Around the world, there are sixty different types of these flowers to be found. Many of which can be found in Europe and the USA. The seeds are a popular snack and they can also be used to make oil for cooking. While some countries and cultures might see sunflowers as little more than bird food, others know that these seeds offer great nutritional value.

Sunflowers usually grow from three to eighteen feet in height. The amazing height of these flowers are just another reason why they are so attractive. Place a few stems in a tall, clear glass vase and you will have an impressive floral display for any occasion. According to records, the tallest sunflower was grown in 1986 and it reached a height of 25 feet and 5,5 inches.

Every sunflower has as many as two thousands seeds. The domestic varieties have the largest number of seeds since they are specially cultivated for consumption. These flowers are also larger and they only produce one flower per stem. Wild sunflowers are smaller and they can produce multiple flowers on each stem.

Sunflowers are the traditional flower of choice for the third wedding anniversary and they are perfect for cheering anyone up if they are having a tough time.