Fresh-smelling flowers to improve your mood

Of all the five senses, our sense of smell is one of the most powerful. Not only does it allow us to enjoy some amazing scents and appreciate our food, but it’s also an amazing trigger for memories. When you need to improve your mood or if you know of somebody who needs a bit of an emotional boost, consider sending some of these fresh flowers.


There are plenty of varieties and colours from which to choose when it comes to lilies. No matter what you decide, you can be sure that the bouquet will be accompanied by an amazing sweet perfume. Lilies are some of the most powerful smelling of all flowers and they have a way of lightening the mood.


There is no denying the beauty of the rose. No matter the variety you choose, roses are easy to recognise and associated with various forms of love and affection. That said, not all roses have a powerful scent. If you are looking for a bunch that will fill the room with a sweet scent, make sure that you specify this with your florist.


You can enjoy lavender as a potted plant, as part of a mixed bouquet, or even all on its own! This scent is often used in bath and body products – and for good reason! Many mothers around the world choose lavender products to help soothe their babies and create a bedtime routine. So, when you decorate with lavender or send some to a friend, you are helping soothe away that stress which makes way for a new, better mood.


Just like roses, some orchids have a lovely scent and others don’t have much at all. There are some types that are known to have a perfume similar to that of jasmine. Take some time to research various orchids, find out what their flowers smell like, and then make your decision.