Fresh flowers and positive thinking tips

From time to time, our optimism can be challenged. Everyone has their own list of personal problems and circumstances that can make us feel like it’s all too much. It is during these times that we need to focus a little more on self care rather than burying ourselves in our work or only thinking of the needs of others. With these positive thinking tips and some fresh flowers to decorate your home, you too can enjoy a more pleasant living environment.

Flowers for yourself

When we think about ordering fresh flowers, we usually imagine doing so for a special occasion such as a loved one’s birthday, anniversary or similar events. There is no rule against spoiling yourself from time to time! In fact, a bouquet of beautiful blooms is just what you need to get through difficult times. Studies have shown that recipients of flowers enjoy a great emotional and mental boost as soon as they are delivered. Display your blooms in a prominent place so that you can really make the most of them.

Potted plants

If you want a longer-lasting natural display in your home, you may want to consider investing in a potted plant. Like fresh flowers, they will give you a fantastic emotional boost. Plants last longer and you don’t necessarily have to choose one that produces flowers. Different plants remove different impurities from the air so this is yet another advantage of investing in various plants. Some great examples include snake plants, orchids and even cacti or succulents. Choose plants that you are comfortable caring for and choose a spot in your home where they will receive the right amount of light and fresh air.

Take more active steps

While fresh flowers and plants will help you improve your environment, you also need to take an active stance in combating the blues. Many people feel overwhelmed by all the negativity online. All we seem to see these days is bad news. So, take a break from social media and do something productive like reading a book instead. If you find that you are regularly posting pictures, selfies or other content online that you feel needs to be absolutely perfect, take a break. Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. By resisting the urge for constant perfection, you will start to break free from this cycle.

Get out more

While you may not want to turn your phone off when you are out and about, you can at least turn off your mobile internet so that you aren’t bothered by all those updates. If somebody needs to reach you urgently, they can always call you. Take a walk in a green area such as a park or spend time in your garden. In fact, if you have a pretty garden (even a small one), this is the perfect spot for your morning coffee or tea! You will love how nature recharges your ‘batteries’ and gives you a positive attitude for the rest of the day. Especially if you have some gorgeous fresh flowers in bloom!

These are just a few important steps that you can take to stay positive even in the most difficult of times. Plants, fresh flowers and a break from technology all help to clear your head of clutter and they allow you to think more clearly too.