Fresh blooms to chase away the blues

Fresh blooms have an amazing effect on the mind. Studies have shown that the mood of the recipient improves instantly when flowers are delivered to their door. So, whether you order flowers for yourself or you receive a bouquet from a loved one, you can be sure that it will give you a fantastic emotional boost. If you know that a friend or loved one is currently struggling emotionally, send flowers to help them through this difficult time.

Physical and mental connection

You may already know that there is a strong connection between mental and physical health. When you are not feeling particularly mentally strong, it will show in terms of your physical abilities. Similarly, when you are under the weather, it can make you feel rather depressed. Which is why it’s important to take care of every aspect of yourself. Fresh blooms can help you in terms of your mental and emotional state.

Colour choice

The colours you choose are extremely important. If you know somebody who is not feeling like their usual self, you can send brightly-coloured fresh blooms. Top colour choices include yellow and orange. You can even add some bright pink.

For family

In some cases, fresh blooms in pastel shades will prove to be a better choice. For example, if the recipient is more mature, you can send a soothing bouquet that consists of various pastel colours. Recipients like your mother, grandmother or aunt will appreciate lighter shades of purple, pink and yellow.

Something extra

When sending fresh blooms, it’s not just about the flowers. You can add other gifts to your order too. These include elegant vases, teddy bears and balloons, to name a few. Consider what will make the recipient smile the most.


If fresh blooms are not the ideal choice due to preferences or allergies, you could always opt for a fresh fruit basket instead. These hampers include a variety of fruit and, in some cases, other delicious treats. They are colourful and bound to make any lucky recipient smile.

Don’t forget to include a message of encouragement in the card that your florist will provide. Even if you are ordering flowers online, you can still include a typed message before completing your order.