Flowers for a retiring coworker

It can be touch to see one of your coworkers leave. Especially when you have worked together for several years and formed a close relationship over this time. When the time comes to say goodbye, it’s the perfect opportunity to wish them well and present them with a gift.

The first thing you can all do is throw your coworker a surprise farewell party. It need not be anything extravagant. A few drinks and snacks will be a fantastic send off. Make sure that you let everyone know in advance so that they don’t make other plans. However, if you want to make it a surprise, you should let them know not to tell the guest of honour.

During the days leading up to this party, it’s good prepare gifts. There are a number of options. One great idea is to buy a large card and have everyone sign it. You will need to take care, however, and make sure that you are not spotted!

Take a moment to think about their history with the company as well as any remarkable accomplishments. Use this information to make your farewell speech that much more personal and meaningful.

Fresh flowers are perfect for saying goodbye and wishing somebody good luck for the future. You could order individual gifts or, if you prefer, you could collect money from each employee and buy an even more impressive bouquet. In fact, depending on how much money you collect, you could also add something extra to this floral gift. Flowers will perish, but if you add something like a personalised pen or watch, they can treasure it for years to come. Many people agree that by coordinating your gift, you can help eliminate the risk of duplicate gifts.