Flowers to chase away the blues

If you or a loved one is feeling down, there is one way you can make things seem brighter and encourage a more positive mindset. Fresh flowers are a sure way of giving yourself or a loved one the emotional boost needed to make things all better again. If you are wondering what kinds of flowers are best for beating the blues, here are some ideas.

Sunflowers should be an obvious choice purely because the sight of a bouquet of these bright yellow blooms makes you smile. These blooms are perfect all on their own or they can form part of a mixed bouquet.

Gerbera daisies, like sunflowers, are bright and beautiful. They are available in various colours including red, orange,and pink. Some people enjoy a single colour while others prefer a bouquet of mixed gerberas. Either way, these impressive blooms are sure to steal the show.

Hibiscus flowers are large and impressive. Their brightly coloured petals and interesting structure are what admirers find so appealing. They can be used in flower arrangements or even planted in your garden if you want to have something beautiful to behold when you look out the window.

After the long winter, many people struggle to get over their winter blues. Fortunately, we can depend on our favourite spring flowers – tulips – for some help in this department! Like many other types of flowers, tulips are available in a wide variety of colours and a mixed bouquet will always create a positive and joyful atmosphere.

One more important tip to remember is the recipient. If your loved one prefers a particular type of flower, then you can be certain that this is the best option to help get them in the right mood again! Alternatively, if they have a favourite colour, you can have your florist design a mixed bouquet full of flowers in their favourite colour.