Flower vase decorating ideas for children

Whether the weather is unpleasant or you find it too hot to spend time outside, it’s always good to make sure that you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Keeping your children entertained means that you need to plan several activities each month. A great activity idea will make them smile as they design and decorate a flower vase that you can enjoy anywhere in your home.

Using seashells

If you enjoy a holiday at the beach or if you have a beach nearby, you can encourage your child or children to collect some beautiful seashells. When you have enough, you will need to clean them and allow them to dry thoroughly. In the meantime, you can look around your home for an old flower vase or jar that could do with a makeover. Once your shells are dry and your vase or jar is clean too, you can begin. The best way to attach the shells to your vase is by using a hot glue gun. Apply some glue to the shell and stick it in place. Don’t try to place all of your shells in the same direction. In fact, it is better to glue them facing different directions. This will give your vase a more natural look. Don’t worry if you finish gluing all your shells and you still have some space to cover. This is all the more reason to make another trip to the beach! If you are in a hurry to complete your design, you can always buy a few shells to fill the gap.

Pencil crayons

Pencils are great for decorating a flower vase! Before you begin, you want to make sure that you choose a vase or jar that has straight sides and no curves. A square or cylindrical vase is best. Now you need to plan your design. Start by calculating how many pencils you will need and make sure that you alternate the colours so you don’t have clusters in your design. You can use wood glue or hot glue to secure each pencil in place on the exterior of your vase. Wood glue takes longer to dry and is not always as strong as hot glue. Make sure that you place the flat end of each pencil at the base of the vase so that the points are up. When you are done, you will have a great colourful vase to enjoy or even send as a gift along with a fresh bouquet.

Pencil shavings

If you have an older child with quite a bit of patience and who pays attention to detail, this flower vase design is great for them. You will need an old vase or jar, wood glue and pencil shavings. Use a paintbrush to apply some wood glue to a pencil shaving and apply it to the bottom part of the vase. You want to work your way up from the bottom because the shavings will overlap. If you start at the top, the result will not be as beautiful. With this design, you want to work all the way around the vase one row at a time. This will create the most even effect. Once you are done, allow them to dry before applying a small amount of wood glue or transparent liquid glue over the entire surface. This will help harden the otherwise brittle pencil shavings. It will also give them a gorgeous shine. For the rim of the vase, you can leave it as is, apply a pretty ribbon or use hot glue to attach colourful pencil crayons around the top to finish it off beautifully.

These flower vase decorating ideas are fun and rewarding for children as well as adults. In fact, you can treat this as a family activity as you give them jobs according to their age and abilities. Once ready, you can add fresh or silk flowers to your newly decorated vase.