Flower display location tips

If you want a fresh flower arrangement to have the maximum effect, you need to make sure that they are displayed in the right location and in just the right way. Here are some essential display tips to help you get the most of your flowers.


The size of the bouquet will determine the best spot where it should be displayed. A small arrangement is best placed on a small table. A larger bouquet will need a larger space for obvious reasons. A small arrangement will look rather silly on a large table unless it is paired with other decorative items.


The colours of the flowers will also determine where the flowers will be best enjoyed. You want the colours of the flowers to compliment the colour scheme of the room while also standing out. You don’t want it to blend in too much but you also don’t want the colours to clash. If you are unsure, you could test a few spots or use a colour wheel to help make your decision.


If you want to display flowers on a table, you want to make sure that the arranement is not too tall for the table. For example, if the arranement is too tall, it will have top heavy visual effect which will make it look really out of place. Some spots are also limited in terms of height so, shorter arrangements are best suited for such locatons.

Think outside the box

Don’t think of your tables as the only places you can decorate using flowers. There are other places in your home that can hold flowers. Consider hanging and wall arranements for example. Even if your flowers arrive in a vase, you can always transfer them to special vase for your wall.