Floral scents and how to make your choice

Different types of blooms have different floral scents to offer. Some are stronger while others are on the mild side. Every scent has a different effect on your mood. This is why it’s important to consider the scent of your bouquet when sending flowers as a gift. Here are some of the main scents to keep in mind.

Earthy scents

Floral scents with an earthy touch are excellent for giving your room that Zen feel. Some options to consider include potted succulents or bouquets that include natural stones and bamboo.

Sweeter smells

Many flowers are known and loved for their sweet smell. Blooms with these floral scents include roses, lilies and gladioli. Remember, many sweet-smelling blooms will also have a fair amount of pollen. In some cases, pollen can be removed from the blooms in order to prevent any allergy problems. Of course, flowers with heavy pollen, don’t normally have an impact on allergies because their pollen does not float in the air.

Something stronger

If you are looking for floral scents that are on the stronger side, you should send a bouquet that includes roses, hydrangeas and even alstroemeria. The foliage in your bouquet can also complete the scent of the arrangement. So, make sure that you select yours with care.

Subtle scent

If you want floral smells that are subtle and not too overpowering, potted African Violets make a lovely choice. In addition, when displayed in a larger room, floral scents are ‘diluted’ in the air.

Remember, the sense of smell is the most powerful of all. Not only can it trigger memories, but emotions too. This is why it is so important to take your time when choosing flowers and floral scents.