Floral essences can help your depression

Depression is not something that most people like to talk about. There is a certain stigma surrounding depression and this often prevents people from seeking help. The longer you allow depression to go untreated, the more it will affect your life and your relationships with those around you. Fortunately, nature has the answer and flower essences offer amazing health benefits, including help for depression.

The most important thing to remember is that depression can be triggered by a number of causes. The trauma of losing a loved one is one of the most common of all. When you think about somebody you know dealing with such a loss, you usually think of sending flowers. Why do we send flowers during this difficult time? Well, flowers are known for lifting the spirits thanks to their beauty and scent. You can take this one step further with the essence of zinnias as well as borage. Remember, while these oils will help you through this time, it is still important to do some soul searching and allow yourself to heal. Holding your feelings inside will not help since you will only erupt later on. During stages of extreme grief, professional counselling is best along with home therapy methods like meditation and the use of essential oils and herbal teas.

If your depression is more related to your own inner struggles, you can benefit from using gentian. Daisy fleabane, on the other hand, can also help give you a boost when you are in a deep rut and your mind is flooded with negative thoughts. African daisies, wild cherries, and desert sunflower oils can also have a similar effect while daffodil, kinehe, and felician are great self-image boosters.

Essential oils extracted from flowers are great for a number reasons. One of which being the fact that they are a natural alternative. Remember to consult your doctor before starting any kind of treatment and only use as directed. If you want to help a loved one who is suffering from depression, talk to them about using essential oils and essences as well as herbal teas.