Floral elegance for the festive season

When it comes to the festive season, sending fresh flowers to your loved ones requires a fair bit of thought. As you think about Christmas flowers, there are most certainly a number of traditional elements that come to mind. While many traditional aspects are beautiful, there are some additional decorative items and tips to use in order to set an even more elegant tone.

The rose is one of the most elegant flowers of all and it is no wonder that this flower can transform any bouquet. This is why so many elegant Christmas bouquets include or consist solely of roses. While they might not be in season, florists like to keep fresh roses in stock throughout the year. They might have a slightly higher price tag but all you need is a few stem to create the perfect effect.

If you like the idea of sending a bouquet of roses for Christmas but you are on a tight budget, you could mix them up with some other colourful blooms. Flowers like Chrysanthemums and Carnations are both available in various colours including white and red. This makes them ideal for any festive bouquet. When you add dark green foliage to the bunch, you will highlight the colours of the flowers.

Another luxurious and elegant flower is the lily. There are a number of types of lilies and you will need to ask your florist about the flowers they have in stock at this time of year. Royal lilies are available in red and white. Many other types of lilies are available in white and other colours too, which means that you have more options than you may initially think.

Irises and tulips might be available depending on your location or where you want to send flowers. They can look fantastic on their own as well as along with other flowers. They are the picture of beauty and they will certainly make a significant impact no matter where they are displayed.

Candy canes are another popular tradition around this tim of year. They are available in various colours but, if you want to keep it somewhat old-fashioned, then red and white stripes are ideal. Oriental lilies are available in white with lovely red stripes. This is what makes them excellent focal flowers for Christmas bouquets. Pair them with some smaller red and white flowers along with lush foliage and you’re all set!

If you know that the intended recipient prefers mixed bouquets, then you can bend the”rules” and send a mixed bouquet that includes several colours including purple and pink. The most important thing of all is to cater to the preferences of the recipient and, don’t forget to choose an elegant vase too! The best options include plain glass vases, white ceramic vases, or even black or red ceramic vases. The vase need only compliment the theme and colour scheme of the bouquet and it will be a hit!