Filler flowers for the best wedding arrangements

Wedding flower arrangements consist of several elements including filler flowers. Focal flowers will gain the most attention while mass flowers add volume. Filler blooms, while they are smaller, are by no means less important. These flowers fill the gaps in between so that your bouquet looks truly complete. Here are some of the best flowers to use as fillers for your wedding arrangements.


If you want filler flowers that have a daisy-like appearance, asters are for you! They are available in various colours and they can be used in handheld bouquets as well as centrepieces. It is important to make sure that you take care if you are planning an outdoor wedding since these blooms have a way of attracting bees.

Baby’s Breath

A popular option in all bouquets, including wedding flowers. These filler flowers are small, white and you only need a few stems to create the desired effect. They can be added to any arrangement since they are perfectly white so you do not have to worry about them clashing with your colour scheme.


These are larger blooms that can easily be mistaken for mass flowers. However, in larger displays, they can be used as filler flowers because each stem is covered with many blooms. They can also help give your display some added height.


These flowers are available in various joyful colours which are perfect for reflecting the happy atmosphere of any wedding. They may have a musty scent but this is usually only apparent if you get really close to them. If you plan on using them in corsages, for example, you may want to smell these filler flowers first.

Queen Anne’s Lace

These flat-topped filler flowers add amazing mass the the arrangement and they are excellent for table displays. They bloom in the summer months and they have a superb texture that will emphasize the delicate look of any arrangement.

Spray roses

Not all roses are designed to be focal flowers or mass flowers. Spray roses can be added as filler flowers in larger arrangements. They are available in several colours and they will certainly make the bouquet look even more elegant. When paired with larger blooms, you don’t have to worry about them stealing the show either.


If you want filler flowers that will also add texture, thistle is the way to go! They can be paired with blooms that have a smoother texture, like lilies for the ultimate contrast.

These are just a few of the top choices in filler flowers. When planning your wedding, make sure that you get a close look at all the flowers and foliage that will be included in your bouquet. You could even have your florist create one sample so that you can make any adjustments if necessary.