Festive flower arrangement ideas

When choosing Christmas flowers, most people opt for something traditional. Examples include festive berries, pine cones, and candles. However, Christmas arrangements have come a long way over the years and there are a number of extras that can make any bouquet unique. If you are planning on sending flowers for Christmas or decorating your own home with some festive flowers, you might feel the need for that little something extra.

Hiding chocolates and sweet treats inside the Christmas tree is a popular tradition and particularly fun for the young and young at heart. We tend to crave sweet things around this time of year which is all the more reason to offer some sweet snacks as part of your décor.

If you want to create a centrepiece with a twist, why not use a snow globe for the main attraction? Autumatic, battery powered snow globes are particularly lovely because they will operate all on their own once you turn them on. Place the globe on some kind of stand like a wooden block. Make sure that this stand is larger than the globe and that it is sturdy. Now, your stand does not need to look perfect because you can hide it with some holiday décor like pine branches (fresh or artificial). Add a few small Christmas decorations for extra colour. You can then add a couple of small bouquets on either side. Use festive flowers and foliage like poinsettias, red roses, and so on.

Flower arrangements can also be made in different shapes. You can use floral foam or polystyrene balls and cubes depending on the types of flowers you use. For example, floral foam is great for fresh flowers while polystyrene will work well when it comes to silk flowers. You can make all sorts of great arrangements like snowmen and even floral Santas! If you need something black (for the eyes of your snowman for example), you can simply add something like black buttons or paint the flowers black if you prefer. If you are painting fresh flowers, remember to buy special floral spray paint so that they don’t wilt and perish.

If you are not all that confident in your flower arranging skills, you might like to prepare in advance. This is where artificial flowers come in particularly handy. These arrangements can be made well enough in advance so that you don’t have to worry about it when you should be focused on cooking and gift wrapping.

When sending Christmas flowers as a gift, you can get really creative. Apart from choosing the right flowers and colour scheme, you can also add something festive like a Christmas themed stuffed animal to the bouquet. This is especially thoughtful when you send flowers to a family with a young child. The parents can enjoy the flowers while the little one gets the toy.