The most expensive flowers

Hydrangea (Up to $7 per stem)

Hydrangeas are known for their full and abundant spherical appearance. They grow up to three meters in height and are in bloom from spring to autumn. They are available in a variety of colours including blue and pink, depending on the pH levels of the soil. Although they are pricey per stem, the stems are so abundant that you won’t need too many of them so it can be worthwhile.


Gloriosa (Up to $10 per stem)

These flowers are native to Asia and South Africa. They are particularly rare and unique in shape and design. They grow up to three meters in height and they are known for their multi-coloured flowers. The colour remains the same throughout the flower but the shades vary from the centre to the outer margin.


Lily of the Valley (Up to $50 per bundle)

These flowers have a beautiful scent but they are also known for certain toxic properties. They are delicate in appearance and bloom late in the spring. The flowers can reach up to 10mm in diameter and they usually last up to two weeks as cut flowers.


Saffron Crocus (Up to $1,500 per pound)

Saffron is not just a flower but also a spice. Although it is mostly harvested for this particularly expensive spice, the flowers themselves are also really popular. The purple colour of the flower accompanied by the intense yellow colour of the stamen is why it s so appealing.


Lisianthus (Up to $35 per bundle)

This flower reaches a diameter of 5cm and can grow up to 60cm in height. The wide, oval petals and striking colours are just two reasons for making this flower so popular. The reason for the higher price is due to the fragile nature of the flower. They need to be transported with extreme care and this means that extra measures need to be taken in order to ensure that they are not damaged.


Gold of Kinabalu Orchid (Up to $6,000 per stem)

This orchid is extremely high priced due to its beauty and rarity. The long green petals with red spots is truly unique in itself and this flower can only be found in Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park. They bloom between April and May and it can take years for the flower to actually appear. All of these factors contribute to the high price.


Juliet Rose (About $15.8 million)

This high priced beauty made its first appearance at the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show. David Austin took 15 years to create this flower and his efforts clearly paid off in more ways than one!


Kadupul Flower

This is one priceless beauty that you won’t find at any florist or flower shop. The reason being that these flowers do not survive once they have been cut. In fact, they only last for a few hours on the plant. As soon as you snip them, they will start to perish.