Essential floral décor tips

When decorating your home with flowers, there are a few important things that everyone needs to keep in mind. By remembering these basic guidelines, your fresh flower bouquet will act as a fine natural accessory. It will both blend in with the décor and stand out as a decorative piece.

The first thing to take note of is the style of the room where you plan on showing off your fabulous bunch. Modern or contemporary style rooms are best decorated with bright colour flowers and simple designs. Consider flowers like lilies or orchids for the perfect match. Not only do they have a unique type of beauty, but they are also available in various bright colours which will be perfect for this setting. On the other hand, a country style room or one with a farmhouse feel would be better off with a bouquet that resembles a summer field. In other words, a cluster of various flowers in various colours and a good amount of foliage. All brought together by a lovely brass or brown ceramic vase.

Next, you will need to look around the room to see where you can fit a fresh bouquet. Smaller rooms will require smaller bouquets for obvious reasons. If you only have a small table or area on which to place your vase, you will need to choose a vase that will fit on this table. In turn, you will need to choose the right flowers for the vase. The larger the vase, the taller and bigger the flowers need to be. Smaller vases require smaller flowers with shorter stems or else the arrangement can come across as top heavy.

Don’t forget to take note of such elements as wind, sunlight, and anything that influences the room temperature like heaters, air conditioners, and so on. These are all factors that can cause damage to your fresh flower arrangement and shorten their vase life. For this reason, you should always display flowers out of the sun and wind as well as far from any source of heat or air conditioner. If you do have an air conditioner or fan in the room, make sure that you position your vase in such a way that the flowers are not directly affect by the flow of air.

Finally, don’t forget that your florist is always happy to help you choose the perfect bunch. If you want a particular type of flower, a certain colour, or you have no idea what to buy, an expert florist will have just the thing!