Essential Easter Lily Care Tips

Easter lilies are popular house plants. They are particularly popular around this time of year. They make lovely gifts and they are great for decorating your own home too. If you have or would like to buy an Easter lily but you’re not sure how to care for it, here are some simple tips.

Choosing a location

It is so important to choose the right spot for your Easter lily. The plant should not be exposed to draughts so you should avoid placing your plant anywhere near a window or door. Yes, the plant will still need some ventilation to thrive, but no harsh breezes. You should also avoid placing these plants near heat sources like radiators.

Regular watering

All plants need water but they do not all require the same watering schedule. In addition, the amount and frequency of watering will depend on the season. The best way to ensure that your Easter lily is happy is by watering just enough so that the soil is moist. Check the soil regularly. When it starts to get dry, this is when you need to water again. Too much water can cause the roots to rot while too little can cause the plant to perish.


Another thing that all plants need is sunlight and your Easter lily is no exception. Remember, the ideal temperature for this plant is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and no lower than 40 degrees at night. If the sun is particularly harsh, you should move your plant to a place where they can enjoy some mild morning sun rather than those hot midday rays.

As you can see, an Easter lily is not difficult to take care of and you will have stunning blooms as your reward. This is also what makes them such a fantastic gift around this time of year. Make sure that you include care instructions if you plan on sending this plant as a gift to a loved one.