The effect of the cold on cut flowers

When you take a look at the flowers at your local florist, you will notice that there are a number of different blooms from which to choose. The sweet smell of these flowers and fresh foliage is a real treat too. One thing that professional florists have in common is the fact that they know how to store fresh flowers in order to keep them from perishing prematurely. Apart from water, the temperature can also have a serious effect on your flowers.

Flowers can be particularly sensitive to their environment. Even if they are quite hardy, they can still wilt prematurely if they are exposed to extreme conditions. Some flowers do enjoy cooler temperatures than others but, for the most part, near freezing temperatures will do more harm than good.

This is why florists take care not to expose their flowers to the heat of summer or extreme cold in the winter. When you enter a flower shop, the temperature should be moderate no matter the time of year. Sample bouquets are usually displayed in the front of the shop while most of their stock is tucked away in a refrigerator set to just the right temperature.

The fridge temperature is extremely important as well as humidity. Keeping these two elements under control is essential in order to preserve and prolong the life of fresh flowers. Which is another reason why florists emphasize the importance of displaying flowers in the right spot in your home.You won’t be keeping your beautiful bouquet in the fridge but you can keep them away from cold spots or sources of heat. For example, you don’t want your flowers to come in contact with cold surfaces like windows in winter. Similarly, you don’t want to place your flowers too close to a source of heat.

The temperature of the water is also important. For the most part, flowers enjoy room temperature water. However, there are some flowers (like those grown from bulbs) that prefer cold water. Make sure that you always follow the advice of your florist when you receive a fresh flower delivery.