Easy to make Mother’s Day flower arrangement

Fresh flowers for Mother’s Day are an amazing and thoughtful gift. Even more thoughtful is when you make the bouquet yourself! Order quality fresh flowers from your favourite florist and follow these instructions to make an arrangement that will bring mum plenty of joy!

You will need:

  • 4 or 5 stems of Stargazer Lilies
  • Coral roses
  • Light pink carnations
  • Dark pink freesia


  • Start by placing your Stargazer Lilies in a vase of water.
  • Turn the vase as you add each stem to create an even distribution of flowers.
  • Next, add your about 5 coral roses. Do so while turning the vase so that they are evenly spaced apart.
  • Do the same with your carnations and then finally with the freesia. Feel free to add a few stems to the centre.
  • Decorate with accessories if you like and feel free to add a ribbon to the vase if you want even more colour.

One final note to keep in mind is to choose Stargazer Lily stems with a few flowers that have opened as well as a few closed buds. This way, mum will get to enjoy her bouquet for even longer. You can also substitute the smaller flowers with other blooms if preferred. Just remember to use flowers with different textures. It’s the contrasting textures that really help each flower stand out.