Each country has a unique national flower

Every country has its own language, culture and even its very own national flower. Here is a list of national flowers chosen by various countries around the world.

Europe and Asia

Below is a list of European and Asian countries along with the national flower for each.

Germany – Cornflowers

Italy – Lilies

Denmark – Marguerite Daisy

France – Iris

Austria – Edelwiss

Norway – Purple Heather

China – Peony

Singapore – Orchid

South America

Here are some South American countries and each flower

Mexico – Dahlia

Brazil – Tecoma Chrysostricha

Argentina – Erythrina

United Kingdom

There is no national flower for the UK as a whole but each country within the UK has it’s own special bloom. For England, it is the rose. The thistle represents Scotland. The daffodil is the flower for Wales and, as for Northern Ireland, it’s the shamrock.

Other interesting flower facts

In some cases, the national flower is chosen because it is native to that country. The King Protea, South Africa’s flower, is the perfect example of this. In other cases, such as Japan, there is no official flower but there are some unofficial blooms. As for countries like the United States, each state has its own flower just as it has its own flag.

Now that you know a little bit more about the national flower of each country, it will certainly make you think a bit more when you see your favourite blooms in a gorgeous bouquet. If you have a friend from another country, you can show them some love and respect by sending a bouquet that includes their country’s national bloom!