Decorate an arch with beautiful blooms

Floral arches are a popular addition to many events including weddings. They add colour and they have a way of taking centre stage. For this reason, when you plan on decorating an arch with flowers, you should always make sure that your arch is located in just the right spot.

If you don’t already have an arch, you will need to buy or hire one. Arches are available in various sizes and shapes. They are also made from different materials including metal and wood. Some arches have a rounded shape but others are more rectangular. Some arches consist of two posts while others have four. The size and shape of the arch you choose will depend on your needs as well as your budget.

After choosing your arch, you can plan the flower design. Put your arch in position and weight it down so that it is not easily knocked over. Sandbags are good for adding weight. If your arch is particularly tall, you might want to dig holes in which you can secure each post.

Once your arch is ready, you can cover with some drapes. You can use drapes in many different ways depending on the shape of the arch. You can use just about any colour fabric you like. Provided, of course, that your fabric creates a contrast for your flowers. Many people choose white drapes and colourful flowers along with lush foliage. Some popular fabrics or these drapes include silk and tulle because they are available in so many different colours. You can even combine the two if you like.

Once the fabric is in place, it’s time for your flowers and foliage. Depending on the size of the arch and just how much you want to decorate it, you may find garlands to be the easiest. In other words, instead of securing flowers directly to the arch, you can create stunning garlands and then raise them to decorate the arch. Garlands can be made with a base of foliage and as many or as few flowers as you like. You can make several garlands rather than one long garland. This way it will be easier to secure the to the frame of the arch.

It’s very important that you secure each element of the garlands and, once you have done this, you need to secure the garlands properly to the frame. To ensure that you don’t end up with an eyesore, you should use green materials like green pipe cleaners or green floral wire.

If you don’t like the idea of a garland and you would rather have clusters of flowers, you can create mini bouquets and secure them to the frame using the same technique and materials. Remember not to make your bouquets too heavy or they will not be held up by a single piece of wire or pipe cleaner.

Fishing line is also excellent for hanging flowers and decorations from the arch if you like. While the line is strong, it’s also transparent which will add to that enchanting atmosphere. Make sure that you check the weight limit of the line when you buy it. You don’t want to hang heavy objects from a weak line.

Finally, don’t forget to always set up your floral arch as close to the event as possible. Arches are not like centrepieces. You cannot keep them hydrated in their fresh vase water. For an evening event, set up your arch in the morning. If you have a morning event, then you might have to set up late the previous evening.