Creating your own wildflower garden

There is nothing quite like the look and smell of a garden filled with wild flowers. The beauty of nature can be enjoyed in your garden as well as inside your home. Growing your own fresh blooms gives you the opportunity to bring nature into your living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other area of your home.

Creating your garden

Wildflowers were once thought of as only blooms that grew on their own and without any cultivation. Today, wildflowers have taken on a new meaning. They can be cultivated in such a way that your garden looks like it has grown all on its own. You will need to prepare the ground as well as the surrounding areas. A stone pathway to and around the garden is excellent for authenticity. You can also build a wooden fence around the garden to give this patch of ground some defined edges. Make sure that you plant your seeds at the right time and choose flowers that drop their own seeds too. Always pat the seeds into the soil so that they are protected. Weeding will also need to be done from time to time in order to ensure that your flowers grow and your garden thrives.

Picking your wildflowers

If you try picking wildflowers on public or private property, it can be particularly risky. There could be penalties involved if you are caught and you will also disturb the natural balance. If you have your own personal garden, you can pick wildflowers whenever you like, place them in a vase and display them in your home.

Wildflower bouquets

Depending on the availability of flowers in your garden, you can also pick fresh blooms and arrange your own bouquets. Wildflower bouquets make excellent gifts and they are perfect for all occasions. When it comes to arranging wildflowers, there are few to no rules. In fact, these blooms look best when they are arranged without much precision or attention. Kind of like a child would gather flowers and foliage from a field to present to their mother. You can hand tie them with a ribbon or place them in a vase before presenting the bouquet to your friend or loved one.

Remember to always look for a variety of flowers for your garden. You want to ensure that they vary not only in size but also in colour. Mix the seeds together before sowing them for a truly natural appearance.