Creating the perfect romantic dinner setting

When you want to impress somebody special with a romantic dinner, it’s not only about the food and beverages, but also the atmosphere. You want to make sure that your date knows that this will be a night to remember!

First things first, you need gentle lighting. Fairy lights are great as well as candles. If you are concerned about an actual flame, you can use battery powered candles and set them in frosted glasses so that they look like the real thing with out any risk of burning out.

Next, you need to make sure that you set the music just right. You don’t need to play anything in particular but you are best avoiding music with lyrics or fast beats. So, anything you hear on the radio is generally out of the question. Slow, love songs are a good choice but most people prefer instrumental music since it is not as distracting.

Now, time for the flowers. Flowers have a wonderful way of setting the mood and there are a few obvious choices. Remember, since you are sittng down to enjoy a meal together, you do not want flowers with a strong scent. The smell of the flowers mixed with the flavour of the food can be unpleasant. Also, you don’t want a huge bouquet in the middle of the table. Something small is best since it will allow for clear communication. If you have a massive bouquet, it will make it difficult to find space for your wine glass, plate, and it can make everything seem quite uncomfortable.

As for the best types of flowers to choose, there are a number of options. Red roses are an obvious favourite since they represent romance and love. However, other red flowers will also do the trick and white roses are known for their elegance. A single orchid can also prove fitting since they are luxurious and you don’t need a whole bunch of them. Of course, if you know that your partner or spouse has a particular favourite flower, then you could use these flowers to decorate the table. Even if it’s a simple flower like a daisy, you can be sure that your sincerity will be recognised right away!