Creating a romantic rose arrangement

Roses are the top choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Of course, it’s also a good time to let your loved one know that you care by taking things a step further and creating your very own rose arrangement. For some, this might seem like a daunting task. However, if you follow these easy steps, you’ll see just how easy and how much fun it can be!

Things you need for your rose arrangement:

  • Heart-shaped floral foam
  • Heart-shaped plastic tray
  • Roses
  • Dianthus or other small filler flowers
  • Foliage (medium leaf size)

How to make a rose arrangement:

  • Start by cutting the floral foam into a heart shape if it is not already. If needed, trim the foam to fit the heart-shaped tray. Remember, if you don’t have a tray, you can always use a heart-shaped baking pan. If your old pan is not particularly attractive, you can always apply a layer of spray paint to give it a fresh new look.
  • Now you need to soak your foam so that it can keep your flowers properly hydrated. After all, there really is nothing less appealing than a wilting flower display.
  • Use your foliage to create a base outline to conceal the foam and even overlap the tray or baking pan. You will need to trim the stems of the foliage to a suitable length so that they hold the leaves securely in place.
  • Now add a layer, all the way around, of dianthus or another similar small flower that will complement your roses. You want to make sure that their colours are similar but not exactly the same or else you may not observe the contrast. Just like the foliage, you will need to trim these stems. They might need to be a bit longer since flowers are generally heavier than foliage and you don’t want any stems to fall out.
  • Next, you can finish by filling your heart-shaped foam with roses. Add one row at a time to ensure that they are evenly spaced apart and all of the foam is concealed once you are done. Since you are placing these flowers on the top of the arrangement rather than the sides, you can trim the stems to the best length to ensure that they are level and create a smooth transition from your row of diathus.
  • If you like, you can add an accessory like a butterfly flower pick or even sprinkle with some glitter. Alternatively, you can place some small chocolates in between the rose arrangement so that your Valentine has something beautiful to enjoy as well as something delicious and sweet.

Now all you need is a bottle of bubbly, a cuddly bear or a bright balloon and you will have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to make your partner or spouse smile! Remember, when trimming the stems, you should always do so at an angle. Not only does this make it easier to insert the stems into the foam, but it also gives them a greater surface area from which to absorb water and nutrients.