Comforting a friend on Valentine’s Day

Not everyone has a loved one with whom they can celebrate romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. If you have a friend who is feeling lonely this year, there are a few things you can do to help them feel better. Here are some great ideas.

Send flowers

They might not receive their usual bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers this year so this is where you can step in. Order fresh blooms from your favourite florist and have them delivered to your friend’s home or office. If you are worried about sending a romantic message, remember that each colour rose has a different meaning. Red roses are romantic but yellow roses symbolise friendship. If you are unsure, a mixed bouquet is always a safe bet.

Send a hamper

Apart from fresh blooms, gift hampers also make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for friends. Pamper hampers are perfect for making them feel better. Other options include luxury chocolates, sweet hampers and chocolate bouquets.

Take them out

Being stuck inside could be just what gets them down on this romantic occasion. So, instead of letting your friend spend the night alone, you can take them out for a few hours. Think of a restaurant or bar where you can spend time together or enjoy a meal and talk. It will give them the opportunity to get everything off their chest and it will also help take their mind off the fact that they are alone this year.

Spend the night in

If they would rather not go out, you can always spend the evening at their home or yours. Plan a great night in together with the best food, their favourite movies, snacks and beverages to make it all memorable and special. If you are both single over the next few years, you could even create your very own Valentine’s Day tradition!

Don’t let your friends or loved ones feel lonely this Valentine’s Day. Take the time to send them a gift and spend some time with them. If they are far away in another town, city or country, you can always send them a message or call them to check in and make sure that they are doing alright.